6" Depth Caliper Micrometer

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  • Clear microfine graduations .001" on satin chrome finish.
  • Base of tool steel hardened, precision ground, All other surfaces satin chrome finished.
  • Base length: 4" Includes 6 Rods for measurement of 0-6".
  • Quick and easy zero adjustment.
  • Rods hardened, ground and lapped on measuring surfaces and adjustable in either direction.
  • Measuring range per rod is 1" and .176" in diameter.
  • Interchange- able rods are fitted to the micrometer spindle against a positive stop and locked.
  • Ratchet thimble for consistent repeated accuracy. Threads hardened, ground and lapped for accuracy.
  • Meets or exceeds Federal accuracy specifications.
  • Includes spanner wrench
  • Sae measurements