1/2 Inch Air Water Filter Moisture Trap for Air Compressor

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1/2" Large - Metal Bowl Filter moisture trap for air compressor. General purpose filter protects tools and equipment by removing most solid and liquid contaminants. This may include dust, dirt, pipe scale, rust, liquid water and bulk oil. A 40-micron filter element removes the smallest of particles. Metal bowl with sight glass allows easy monitoring of fluid level. Quick-release bowl and quarter-turn drain for easier use. Help prevents costly damage to air tools caused by rust, scale and moisture. Efficiently traps moisture while passing through clean, dry compressed air. Convenient minimum installation time into your compressed air system. Accessories for these filters like Steel bowl kit, Micron filters, Drain cock, Mounting bracket, sight glass kit, Panel mount nut, Diaphragm & Valve Kit are also available. It can be freely combined with other air source treatment products.