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Combination Ratcheting Lock

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Glass door ratchet lock with 1,000 possible combinations. The innovative ratchet lock provides keyless convenience with the option of master key access. Perfect for glass showcases with no keys to lose or manage. Dual access offers flexibility of using keys or combination. Great for retail scenarios where key management is an issue. Employees set their own codes and the manager controls all locks with one key over-ride. If an employee leaves, simply change the combination.


The ratchet lock offers security with 1,000 possible combinations and pick resistant dials. The lock was designed with extremely tight clearances to resist shims and other picking tools.


It is easy to change the combination of the lock. Three simple steps are all it takes to select a new code from the 1,000 possible combinations. To change the combination on the ratchet locks, simply have it on the opening combination, turn the change screw, and change to the new combination. It's that simple! Rest assured that your code is secure with over 1,000 possible combinations on the ratchet lock.

Dual Access Modes

The combination ratchet offers keyless convenience with the option of master key access as well. Employee forgets their combination? No problem. The ratchet lock can still be removed with the master key. Control multiple ratchet locks, all with different combinations with master key access.

Keyless Security

The lock offers freedom from the hassle of keys. You can share the code without worry since you are able to change the code at any time on the ratchet locks.

WARNING: Attention California Residents - Prop 65 Warning