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Adult Red Carmen San Diego Costume

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Who wants to dress up in a Carmen Sandiego costume this Halloween? You sure do. On the lam? Carefully avoiding super sleuths and slick detectives as you steal landmarks from around the globe? Then you need the most obvious costume in the world. This red trench coat and hat will turn you into Carmen Sandiego in no time. What can one learn from the inspirational Carmen Sandiego? That if you try to build a career based on stealing ridiculously well-guarded national treasures, you'll likely never get caught. In fact, your ability to easily flee will get pretty repetitive. You would think that the people chasing you would be able to at least accidently stumble into you once or twice given the high-profile nature of your crimes. It's not like you're stealing bags of chips from unsuspecting supermarkets. You're going into well-guarded touristy areas and taking the most conspicuous item around. Because of the value of the items you will often have your eyes on, it's fair to assume that there will be a lot of security in these areas. And yet, you still manage to avoid capture, again and again. That is certainly something one would be well-advised to take note of when building a crime career. If you want to be like Carmen Sandiego, good onto you. It's an easy job, and we have plenty of Carmen Sandiego costumes to get you started.

  • Red hat
  • Red coat
  • Button closure
  • Size: Adult Standard
  • SKU: CA-017744
WARNING: Attention California Residents - Prop 65 Warning