1/2" Filter Regulator Control Moisture Trap Oiler Lubricator for Air Compressor

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1/2" Heavy Duty air control unit. Although this unit is large and better than the standard 1/4" size unit you can still use them with smaller compressors all you have to do is bush it down with a 1/2" to 1/4" NPT standard adaptor that can be found at any hardware store if you wish to use it on smaller air systems. This unit will prevent moisture and foreign particles from entering and damaging for all types of compressed air tools and equipment. The filter removes solid particles and condensation associated with compressed air. The regulator accurately maintains air pressure over a wide range of flows. Micro-Fog lubricator supplies lubricating oil to working pneumatic equipment in proper proportion to air consumption.

  • 1/2" NPT threaded Air control unit with air filter, air regulator & lubricator
  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • Air flow (L/min): 4K, Max P: 12 Bars
  • Temperature range: 5 - 60° (40 - 140°)
  • Manufacturer look and details may vary