Replacement Grinder Trigger Switch for Makita 650101-0, 651176-2, 651177-0, 651143-7

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Replacement 18A-125V (Replaces Makita 650101-0, 651176-2, 651177-0 and 651143-7) which can be used in grinders and sanders.

Switches are commonly replaced parts in power tools. A switch handles all on/off and variable speed functions. They also have a role in electric breaking; they can momentarily reverse electrical polarity. Because switches use mechanical internals, they tend to degrade and wear out over time, eventually requiring replacement

Technical Specifications:

    • Voltage: 125V
    • Amperage: 18A
    This part is compatible with: Makita:

    9015B Grinder

    9016B Grinder

    9049 Grinder

    9069 Angle Grinder

    9040L Angle Sander

    9060L Angle Sander

    9047L Angle Grinder

    GA7021 Angle Grinder

    GA7020 Angle Grinder

    GA9020 Angle Grinder