Handheld Electronic Digital Pocket or Car Auto Compass

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You'll never stop to ask directions again when you've got our hand held digital compass on board.

Say you've been given directions to "go north on Highway 395" or "turn east on Becker Avenue," but by the time you're on the road, it's night and you can't tell East from West. Now, with our digital hand-held compass on board, you'll know exactly which way to go. A well-crafted pocket-sized compass--like our hand-held digital one--is one of the most valuable tools you can own.

One of the mans most versatile inventions (and one of the oldest) is the compass. It's useful for traveling, boating, camping, hiking, and flying, from going off-road in your SUV or climbing mountains.

Our digital compass is easy to read, has a simple compass calibration process and an adjustable nylon strap that lets you hang it around your neck or from your rear-view mirror. And there's more!

Loaded with features, the compass has a digital clock, snooze alarm, and a blue LED backlight. It also gives you the time, the month, day and date and a 2-digit temperature in Fahrenheit. All you need is a map and a destination. Unit color may vary. For outdoor use only.